hey guys! I've decided to go in a new direction... I was thinking back to my old blogging (like, myspace era!) and I miss just blogging about like...everyday boring shit and making it sarcastic and mean! So I'm going to kinda dabble in that I guess. Just everyday stuff. And then I'll blog some funnies when I think of some! Like right now, I thought of one, and it was my first post. I don't know if it's funny, but it's damn true!

big love to everyone still reading, you guys are the best, I really want to thank you for sticking with me! I'm lookin at you Polt!


Now don't you feel special? chya, Ya do!



Remember when I was funny? Those were the days...



Olivia land also known as:
Memphis and/or the Hood.

I've been asked to update! And that makes me feel oh so special! It's a very magical time!

WELL! Let's see...what's been happening...

Friday! Friday was my amazing best friend's birthday! And I worked my ass off and threw a miraculous surprise party! We were loaded, my house was loaded, everyone was ridiculously DRUNK and it was AWESOME! It was one of those nights where you look at it and go "wow...everyone drank just the perfect amount." We had SO much fun and it was magically delicious. I made new friends and we all had an awesome time. And I lost at beer pong, and it wasn't my fault because I did good! Partner...not so much. But I did make an awesome new friend!

The night started off with me laying in bed. Then I realized, wow, I have to be ready by eight so I run to work and get my check, come back, get to Brittany's place, and watch the Memphis game, fully dressed and ready to go out because I had told her that there was something going on at a nearby bar that would be fun for her birthday. So I end up being late for the game, because I am a slow fucker. But it was super straight!

After the game my secret agent over at my place said that people weren't there yet, so I had to stall...so I open another beer and say "let's finish the ones we're on...then leave..." while proceeding to drink very slowly. Eventually the house was packed and I finished up and we left to go around the corner to my house. And there were cars...everywhere...and cars that were very easily recognizible. Like a bright green jeep. So she was suspicious. But the big "SURPRISE" was loud and awesome!

The night ended with a few lingering awesome people around 4:30, then I took Brittany home and everyone left and I came back and chilled a little more, then went to bed. It...was...GREAT!


I did kareoke last night! I did "can't touch this" and "love shack" but my roommate made me be the man in love shack...and it was not flattering. But it was SO much fun, and then I fell asleep...immediately upon coming home.

Today I watched the game (FINAL FOUR, WHAAA? YEAH), went to Target, and realized there was a weird scraping sound coming from under my car...

I had been surprised by a GIANT puddle (like...over a foot deep) and it forced the big piece of plastic that like, covers the bottom part of my civic, to fold backwards and drag... so...I did what any girl would do in the situation...I called my Dad! He was not happy, mostly because now I have this very nice car, and bad things keep happening to it! Nothing TERRIBLE, but like...nothing EVER happened to the Jeep, and he was a piece of shit! And now I have this civic, and it's soooo nice, and it is an accident waiting to happen!

Anywayyy! My dad and brother drive up from home (like, forty minutes away) and I sit in the lot of Target...reading Hamlet for English. I called him and told him to watch out for the gigantic puddle, and when he got to me, he was laughing at the puddle because he was shocked I had made it through without my car getting flooded. So I felt like a pimp. He and my brother continued to jerk the plastic thing and eventually just cut it off and it's in my trunk now, waiting to be reattached later this week, and that's hilarious.

Then I bought 101 Dalmations!



Did anyone watch the Memphis vs. UT game last night? The game that I spent around 14 hours in line for? The game where I left work at 3am, went home, showered, ate a cookie or two, went to Kroger, and was in line for at 4:30am? That game? The game where WHILE in line, I fell asleep on a curb? For an hour? THAT GAME!

It was amazing. Even after standing in line from four thirty in the morning to nine, doing ESPN Gameday from nine to eleven, then standing in line again from eleven to six thirty, I didn't in the first section of seats. And do you know why? Because I'm little, and asshole people push in front of me who haven't been in line since 4:30am. People who have energy to do pushing because they have slept in an actual bed in the past 24 hours. The last time I had slept was about eleven in the morning on Friday. That's...forty hours I went without sleep by the end of it.

It was amazing. The game was ridiculously close the whole time and I found out that there's a way to make any sport way more interesting. Beer. By the end of the game I was yelling and jumping and yelling "attack!" because that's the only thing I can think to say during sports. Then we left (we is me and my best frizend.) and went across the street to where we both work and I'm pretty sure I probably made an ass of myself at least twice. But I really do not know...

All I know is that my mind was blown. Now I'm awake and my whole body hurts and my head feels like it's about to explode. But I feel like I can't go back to sleep because I need to actively get to feeling better to make it to some meetings tonight.

Spectacular day though, for a number of reasons.


Oh, and for those who did not watch, Tigers lost, but like...barely. It was ridonkulously close the whole time and crazy and we ended up losing. Amazing, AMAZING game.



Very much. A ridiculous amount of amountage has occured since I've last posted. So I will focus on now for this post. Because now is easy to remember...

I am at work, my internet at home is DOWN! I don't know why, but it's been going out around the campus area's wireless networks. And since I live four blocks off campus, I have fallen victim to this tragic event. I spend my days studying now...no more facebook for hours, no emails, just funless brain-boosting mental exercise. Ridiculous.

But I'm fully able to use this computer at work, between deliveries. I have the best job ever. It's fun, I get to drive and be charming for tips. And I work with fun people most of the time. Every now and then I come in and it's some RANDOM person, and that is disappointing. Today though it's just me and my ultra-fun manager. Not the moderatly fun one, ul...tra. (Clarification for Polt: Manger is also cute, but prefers to be called ruggedly handsome)

Work seems like a really good subject for a post, therefore:


I work at a cheesesteak place, which is delicious. I make food, I clean things, I take deliveries to both really scary ghetto Memphis places, or very nice old Memphis places. I sometimes get to walk deliveries over to Main Street or Beale and that's just oh so delightful.

When not performing actual useful tasks, we also spend time eating ridiculous amounts of random food, watching videos on youtube, and playing with the "Ghe-dough" left by customers, i.e. cheap playdough.

So yes, my job...is way better than yours.


As far as school goes, that is BORING. I go to class, I kind of sit there...learning I guess. I have the easiest schedule ever this semester. 12 hours, one honors class, and one class that's once a week, it's amazing. I have 1-3 hours of school each day, then Mondays a 3 hour film class at night. When not in school, I'm working constantly, going to shittons of meetings, and smiling.

Sorry for the super bad post, it was mainly to let it be known that I'm alive. And I don't have a camera still after the whole "aw fuck, my purse got stolen" thing and so there's like, no visual aids for this post. Just close your eyes, and imagine my adorable-ness, and have a magnificent day!



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Let's review the events of December...

December 1st: Christmas with the Krunks- Party thrown by my best friend and I at her apartment.
It was phenomenal, until the cops came. They were cool as hell, though. What sucked was that a friend of mine drank too much and I don't remember a lot of the details about that situation, but I do know it sucked...

Tuesday Night: My car breaks down
There is already a detailed blog about this, and I will make a continuation of said blog, by saying that I am not going to have a car until after Christmas...which sucks giant giant balls.

Friday Night (last night): GREAT night, until my purse got stolen.
I went up to do the top five countdown with a few of my sisters at a radio station here, which I actually love talking about because it's ridiculously fun and I love it, but I will talk about it later. While up at the station, the dj (DLo, super cute btw ((specified for Polt))) asks if any of us want to be put on the vip guest list to senses (a club) for that night. Brittany and I figure, hey, why not, we might stop by if there isn't anything else going on, just to check it out and shit.

So blah blah, we have an awesome time at the radio station as usual (I love it) and Brittany and I head downtown to hang out with a friend of ours for her birthday. This is around 10:30ish maybe. So we get downtown and hang around until about 11:15 because they were leaving to go home and play shot checkers.

Brittany and I figure, what the hell, let's go check this shit out and we drive to the club. We get there around 11:40, go in, and leave at 11:55. We then discover that the passenger door is unlocked when it had been locked before we went inside, and upon popping the trunk, our purses are gone. We go find a popo.

Good news for me, upon returning to my dorm room this morning, I found my wallet that I had, for whatever reason, taken out of my purse this afternoon and put all my cash and my license in my new clutch thing. Shittily, I left my U of M id in the purse. But the worst part was...and Jack knows this...sit down and hold someone's hand...because the bastards stole my camera...

And I had a post on there!! I had taken SO many pictures and planned out a whole post for you guys! And they stole it! MY CAMERA FOR THE LOVE OF THE BABY JESUS!! My camera that has been with me for so long! Throughout Puntabulous, throughout so many nights of great times, so many pictures and memories in that camera! And I miss it.

Luckily, around a week ago I transferred all the pictures to my computer. But still, I had taken a lot of pictures last night...and they were all really cute.

They also stole around 90 dollars in cash from both of us and her wallet and debit card, some IDs, our illusion of safety, memories...you know, the usual.

I really don't like Kelly Ripa. Just a sidenote.

List of things I need to aquire since my purse was stolen:
*Lip gloss
*Keychains of wonder...bastards, I had the PERFECT keychain too, like, reallly...
*Rape whistle (ironic that it was stolen)
*Tiny notebook for random thoughts I think to write down...
*Digital camera full of memories...
*Car key
*House key
*Dorm key

Now leave me pity comments...